Es gib was zu sehen,
Es gibt Ruhm und Ehre zu verdienen.
Es ist Zeit, dass ihr kommt!

WINTER FIGHT CUP am 24 – 25 Februar in Goch

HIER – Kloster Graefenthal Maasstr 50 47474 Goch.

Welcome to the the Winter Fight Cup 2018 – the real tournament…

Winter Fight Cup in Kloster Graefenthal – a privately  organised Festival for international competition in  medieval armoury for  full contact fighting. Located at a beautiful old medieval Monastry founded in the 13th Century. Two days of fighting , trading,  get together,  fun,  food , and drinks… playground with soft weapon for kids,  music and „have a go“- archery…

  • International Teams will be fighting in full contact for honour and winning , in different disciplines like  5 vs 5 (male), 3 vs 3 female  and 1 vs 1 (male/ female), in different categories. The Rules will be the same like in HMB Tournaments.
  • Entry fee for the fighters will be 20,00 € , helpers and supporters  are free.
  • Arrival from friday morning  and departure latest monday noon.

Heated  Space  available  for  overnight stands (bring your own stuff), safe places for storing equipment and personal staff,  toillets 24 h – near the sleeping places, showers, restaurant and tavern – day and evening. Party on saturday night. Discount vouchers  for the participants. Traders, Music, Foodstalls.

The Location: Kloster Graefenthal Maasstr. 50 , 47574 Goch Asperden – near Airports of Düsseldorf (90 km) and Weeze (20 km)